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The Hooded Wool Coat

The Hooded Wool Coat

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Presenting our Winter hooded Wool Coat – the embodiment of warmth, style, and sophistication tailored for the chilly season! Meticulously crafted from a lavish blend of Wool and Polyester, this coat transcends the realm of mere winter wear; it's a sartorial proclamation that brings delight to frosty days. More than a safeguard against the cold, our Hooded Wool Coat is a testament to bold fashion expression. The premium materials ensure both longevity and comfort, allowing you to traverse the winter landscape with confidence and panache. Envelop yourself in the sumptuous embrace of our Winter Wonderland Hooded Wool Coat – a harmonious fusion of fashion and function. Embrace the season with a coat that not only cocoons you in warmth but also commands attention wherever your journey takes you. Because, in the realm of winter fashion, your style should be as extraordinary as you are!

Sizes: XS: Bust 98CM | Shoulder 53CM | Length 77CM | Sleeve 67CMS: Bust 102CM | Shoulder 54CM | Length 78CM | Sleeve 68CMM: Bust 106CM | Shoulder 55CM | Length 78CM | Sleeve 69CML: Bust 110CM | Shoulder 56CM | Length 80CM | Sleeve 70CMXL: Bust 114CM | Shoulder 57CM | Length 81CM | Sleeve 71CM

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